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Our Best Coffee Hangs ( Portadown + Misc )

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Finally, our last instalment in the Coffee Hang Series! This one's a bit more random (location-wise.) You'll find some incredible local (I use this term very loosely!!) coffee hangs, including my absolute favourite ... let's get going!


1. Finegan & Son, Newry - @fineganandson

From my first visit here, I was hooked. The vibe is relaxed and chilled. The staff are friendly and welcoming. The coffee is spot on and the doughnuts are UNREAL. Finegan & Son is the one place I keep coming back to, time and time again. I've gone solo, with my mum, my husband, my family and had a mummy/daughter date with Phoebe. I'm back again this Saturday for doughnuts and hangs with @motherbeastie! I simply cannot recommend this place highly enough. It's the kind of place, with the kind of people who keep your favourite doughnut for you so you don't miss out! Thanks guys!

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2. Strandfield, Dundalk - @strandfield 

My mum and I visited Strandfield for the first time this Autumn. I literally can't wait to go back. This beauty is a Cafe / Florist / Grocer all in one. It's super handy off the motorway and a must visit if you're ever in that area. The coffee was delicious and our sweet treats were divine. My coconut macaroon was incredible. I've been well informed too that the food is excellent (it's a vegan menu) and I'm sure to be back to try some first hand. 



3. The Fat Gherkin (affectionately known as 'The Gherk'), Moira - @thefatgherkin 

I have such a soft spot for this cosy nook on main street Moira. Always made to feel so welcome and looked after, especially when I've visited solo. They have the most delicious menu and their breakfast is superb. They also happen to have created my favourite sweet treat of all time - the 'everything bun.' This dreamy concoction includes mars bar, cranberry, coconut, fudge, marshmallow, biscuit and more! Simply perfect with a wee sneaky flat white! 



4. Ground, The Pumphouse - @groundespressopumphouse 

I've always loved the old Pumphouse at the bottom of town. It just oozes history and charm and I'd kind of hoped that I'd turn it into a coffee hang myself one day! Never mind. Now that Ground has moved in, I couldn't love it any more. It's quaint, the custard tarts are unbelievable and the view is beautiful. The fact that I've been able to stop after a cycle for a flat white to go is pretty much perfection. With fast wifi and a great loyalty card scheme, what's not to love?! 


5. Bob + Berts, Portadown - @bobandbertscoffee 

We have been really spoiled in Portadown with the opening of both Ground and B + B in the same week! Bob and Berts has been the meeting place of choice recently for some local insta-mums and it's a class spot. Big and spacious - perfect for all the buggies and babies! The menu is huge, with something for everyone, including gluten-free options. The staff I've met so far have been wonderful, really accommodating and helpful. They have been super generous too, treating us to a free coffee for our meet-up just today! Thank you so much again. There's a real community atmosphere, brightening up the main street, bringing a real buzz back to town. If you want a festive coffee hang over the next few weeks, this one hits the spot. 

Gorgeous mamas and littles  @the_tales_of_us  +  @mindfulnessmumma

Gorgeous mamas and littles @the_tales_of_us + @mindfulnessmumma

They sure enjoyed their visit :)

They sure enjoyed their visit :)


And that's all my lovelies. I really hope you enjoyed our little coffee hang tour of sorts! I'm so loving all the festive combinations out there at the moment, lots of cinnamon and gingerbread feels!

Here's to the weekend and some Christmassy coffee hangs!

Steph xox

Our Best Coffee Hangs ( West of Ireland Edit )

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It's International Coffee Day!

No better excuse for you to visit one of the growing number of coffee shops on our little island. 

Coffee tour of summer 2016

Coffee tour of summer 2016

Last summer, my husband and I discovered our passion for the 'coffee hang'. There are so many amazing coffee shops here in Northern & Southern Ireland. Places with a cool vibe and awesome coffee. I am no coffee expert, I'm actually more of a tea drinker at home! But, I am partial to a skinny flat white or cortado coffee when out and about. So much so, apparently, that our friends like to joke with us about where all our money goes ... 

I have far too many 'coffee moment' pictures, so when Ali of @ali_marriott mentioned about blogging some of my favourite coffee shops, 'International Coffee Day' seemed to be the right time to do so. So here goes. I'll share my faves and those I'm still dying to try.

There are way too many to share in just one blog post so they will be split into location (West of Ireland, The North Coast, Belfast etc) and shared during the month of October. I hereby declare October as 'Coffee Month'. Get out there and grab a sweet 'coffee moment' with someone special. Here are 2 beauties if you are ever fortunate enough to visit the West Country. It's just beautiful and holds a special place in my heart. 


1. Shells Seaside Bakery & Cafe, Co. Sligo - @shellscafe

Set on the West Coast of Ireland, at the infamous surfers paradise 'Strandhill Beach', is my most favourite coffee hang, Shells. Always hustlin' and bustlin' - the vibe is most definitely 'surfer cool', and nothing quite beats sitting outside with the fresh sea breeze in your hair! Famous for serving up the 'Best Flat Whites in Ireland' I have to wholeheartedly agree. Unreal. 

This coffee hang is so much more than good coffee, food and fresh air. For me, it's actually good for the soul. Soul food and surf. What more can you want? 

The best flat white in Ireland. FACT.

The best flat white in Ireland. FACT.



Shells also have the most delicious menu available. We've eaten both breakfast and lunch several times here, and have never been disappointed.


Shells provide cosy blankets to keep away those chilly sea breezes - perfect for stealing snuggles!

Shells provide cosy blankets to keep away those chilly sea breezes - perfect for stealing snuggles!

The 'Little Shop' @ Shells stocks a stunning array of delights including:  @linesandcurrent ,  @creightonschocolaterie ,  LAGOM  by Linnea Dunne, prints by  @garyreddin  and much much more. Go check it out. 

The 'Little Shop' @ Shells stocks a stunning array of delights including: @linesandcurrent, @creightonschocolaterie, LAGOM by Linnea Dunne, prints by @garyreddin and much much more. Go check it out. 



2. Pudding Row, Easky - @puddingrowsligo

Approximately 40 minutes west of Sligo is the quaint and historic village of Easky. Before summer 2017 I had never heard of the place but the wonderful power of IG led me to the hidden gem that is Pudding Row. Our friends from @ursaminorbakehouse (don't worry, you will hear all about them in the 'North Coast' post) visited here on their summer travels and I knew instantly that we had to make the trip. And ... Wow. Blown away. Lots of locally sourced food, fresh home-baked bread and delicious treats! The coffee is also superb. There is such a homely and friendly atmosphere here. We could have stayed all day. 

Main St, Easky village

Main St, Easky village

View of Easky Castle

View of Easky Castle

The Historic Easky Castle can be seen from Pudding Row and is worth visiting. If it hadn't been for Phoebe we would never have found the 'secret tunnel' and staircase that led right to the top of the castle! Incredible views and you can just feel the history of the place as you make your way up and round what's left of the castle. 



So there you have it. Two splendid coffee hangs in the West of Ireland. If you do get a visit in, be sure to IG it and let us know how you get on. Use the hashtag #MLDcoffeehang so we can see your experiences! 

Bro-in-law @ianvennard selfie @ Strandhill

Bro-in-law @ianvennard selfie @ Strandhill



There are a few more places I've yet to visit in and around these parts:


1. @driftwoodsligo

2. @sweetbeatsligo

3. @coffeewerkandpress - Galway!


Wherever and whenever, enjoy your coffee moment!