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Wee Skinny Buns!

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Wee Skinny Buns!



I can take no credit for these little beauties … thank you Weight Watchers for providing the perfect little mid-morning or late-afternoon snack. They are so simply ‘lagom’ – just the right amount to satisfy. Not too little, not too much. Just right. And get this, they are so super simple to make AND healthy too (well, sort of!) This is my slightly varied version of these yummy muffins. Great for the whole family and still taste as good from frozen. Just be sure to freeze them on the day you make them. 


Makes 12

Takes 10 mins to prepare

20 (ish) mins to cook

170 (ish) cals per serving

Suitable for freezing (Hurrah!)



low fat cooking spray

225g (8 oz) self – raising flour

1 teaspoon bicarb

a pinch of salt

25g (1 oz) porridge oats

100g (3 ½ oz) caster sugar

3 tablespoons sunflower oil

175g (6 oz) low fat natural yoghurt

6 tablespoons skimmed milk

1 egg, beaten

100g (3 ½ oz) raspberries, fresh or frozen


1 ripe banana, mashed (this is my substitute for the weight watchers recipe suggestion of 150g apple sauce)




1.     Preheat the oven to Gas Mark 6/200 degrees Celsius/fan oven 180. Lightly grease a non stick 12 hole muffin tin with the cooking spray or simply use 12 paper cases and place in the holes in the tin. I use reusable silicone muffin trays, without cases, as the buns come out really easily with the cooking spray.

2.     Sift the flour, bicarb and salt into a mixing bowl. Reserve 1 tablespoon of oats for the muffin tops, then stir the remaining oats and sugar into the flour.

3.     In a separate bowl, mix the mashed banana, oil, yoghurt, milk and beaten egg together, then stir this wet mixture into the dry ingredients, mixing until just combined but still slightly lumpy. Stir in the raspberries, then spoon into the muffin tins, dividing the mixture evenly to make 12 muffins. Scatter with the reserved oats and bake in the oven for 20 mins until risen, firm and golden brown. My oven is fan assisted and I usually bake mine for about 25 mins.

4.     Cool on a wire rack and ENJOY (especially a wee sneaky one straight from the oven!)


… Frozen berries can be stirred straight into the batter; there’s no need to defrost them first. I have only ever used frozen rasps!