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A sewing good time with Bluebird Belfast!

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I’m a bit late with this one, but since the lovely Alex from Bluebird Belfast has recently given birth to the most beautiful baby girl – it’s about time I reviewed our workshop together!

In April I sat nervously at a ‘Make your own Doorstop’ Workshop at Bluebird Belfast HQ. When Alex first posted a photo of her handmade doorstop on IG - I swooned! Alex stocks such a gorgeous selection of fabrics and has a real knack for all things creative. Despite being a complete novice, I contacted her immediately to see if I could attempt to make something similar of my own! So there I sat one Saturday morning in April, with the sewing machine in front of me and NOT A CLUE what on earth I was going to do with it!! At that moment I was seriously questioning my decision to take part! 

However, right from the outset, Alex was a calming voice of encouragement. I was put at ease instantly with lots of reassurance that I would be just fine. The workshop was small in number which was perfect. Alex was able to spend time with everyone (especially me who didn’t know a bobbin from a back-stitch!) To begin with, we all anxiously stitched up small sample pieces of fabric into little rectangles to fill with rice. This was our practice before we began stitching on our actual doorstop fabric. I have to say, I was definitely way too proud of my little rice rectangle! But it gave us a real boost of confidence before we embarked upon our individual doorstops.  After a cuppa and a delicious scone (provided and served very kindly by Alex’s lovely husband) we were ready to get to work …

Alex provided detailed step-by-step instructions and guidance on paper alongside her verbal instructions and practical examples. Each step was completed slowly and carefully and modelled beforehand by Alex. When things went wrong (quite often in my case!!) Alex was always there to help and fix the problem. Not once did I ever feel like I was a failure or couldn’t complete the next row of stitches. I even attempted some hand sewing ... well, until I managed to prick myself and bleed all over my nice new fabric! At that stage I was more than happy for Alex to step in and ‘tidy up’ all my askew stitching haha!!

For someone whose previous experience of sewing was virtually non-existent (give or take the odd button here or there) look at what we made!



All is quiet at the moment at Bluebird Belfast as Alex and her hubs enjoy lots of precious newborn cuddles and down-time together as a new wee family of three. I wish them God's richest blessings as they begin their journey of parenthood together and I have no doubt that Alex has lots of plans up her sleeve for new baby creations. In fact, check out her Instagram @alexbartholomew_ for all her latest makes and give her a follow. I am seriously IN LOVE with her changing mat (I will be needing one of those if there is ever a baby number 2 Alex!!)