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Mighty Mothering

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When the idea for Mighty Mothering first began to really resonate in my heart I was totally overwhelmed - what an honour it was to begin to curate a space for our stories of Motherhood. What an absolute privilege to host a site where our voices can be heard in a safe environment. I am completely humbled by this whole experience so far and by the encouragement I’ve received. Don’t ever underestimate the power of your story or experience. You matter. Don’t let yourself or your story get lost under a pile of unironed washing or dirty dishes. Someone, somewhere might just need to know that there’s someone, somewhere else who just ‘gets it’ or has ‘been there too.’ My own Motherhood story is one full of highs and lows, of tough decisions, unknown territory and more questions than answers, but it’s my story and it is just beginning …

The very act of ‘mothering’ requires us to show up, be present and be real for our kids, and for ourselves. This is a mighty act, especially on those days when we feel anything but strong. To be present and in the moment quite often begins with being vulnerable. To show up and be real means we are at risk of exposure, attack and criticism from our kids, from those around us, and, indeed, the wider online community, if we engage in social media. But that’s ok. If we own our story (both the good bits and the chapters we’d rather leave out), and know our worth - then, in our imperfections and vulnerability, we can engage wholeheartedly in our role as a mother. If we haven’t embraced our own story - our imperfections and weaknesses - then it is so much more difficult to be ‘all in’ for our kids, spouse, family and friends. Our children need to see realness modeled to them by their parents; Mothers and Fathers who risk it all, every day, to show up for their kids. 

My prayer is that Mighty Mothering can be a safe community where realness, vulnerability and hope pervade. Where we show up and own our stories, whatever they look like. We need to talk about the hard stuff, no matter how ‘taboo’ it might seem.  It’s through communication that we can shine a light into the darkest, most hidden corners, giving someone a glimmer of hope, a virtual hand to hold or an ear that is listening. And, it’s through this very same communication that we can also celebrate our victories, those days when you just feel like you’re the best mum in the world. My vision is that Mighty Mothering becomes a thriving, collaborative and supportive online community that both champions the mighty moments of motherhood and supports mums through some of the toughest times too. That it is a place of freedom and of open and honest dialogue. 

So tell me, what exactly is Mighty Mothering?

Mighty Mothering is a journey - a journey through Motherhood through the art of storytelling. Here you can read journals written by mums of all ages, from all backgrounds and of differing faiths; yet each writer has a story to tell, words of wisdom and seeds of hope. My hope and prayer is that you can find words that will speak to your heart, soul and spirit - that you will be encouraged, renewed and blessed as you travel your own Mothering journey. 


You can find the Mighty Mothering journal by clicking here.

Bless you,

Steph xo